Three Mill Creek Reservoir Board Members Resign; Meeting Cancelled

On Friday Morning, June 18, the Bienville Parish Journal published an article entitled “Summer Season Brings Questions about Mill Creek Reservoir Board’s Handling of Lake.”  The article was a result of numerous complaints about the board’s collection of money and the condition of the grounds and buildings. 

During the interview for the article, Ann Garlington quoted Sheriff John Balance as saying in response to vandalism and theft, ‘What do you want me to do about it?’  Sheriff Ballance has since responded by saying he did not make the comments Ms. Garlington quoted him as saying. He said deputies have responded to every call they have received pertaining to Mill Creek Reservoir.

Before the article was published, Ann Garlington, president of the board, scheduled a public meeting to discuss the issues at hand.

Following the article, two board members, Ann Garlington and Marion Morgan, resigned.  A third board member, Rusty Kaiser, who had requested to be removed from the board last year, formally resigned.

The Police Jury notified the public that “The Mill Creek Reservoir Board meeting scheduled for next Thursday, June 24th, has been cancelled. At this time a majority of the board members have resigned. The appointment of new board members will be on the agenda at the July 14th Police Jury meeting. 

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  1. Summer Season Brings Questions about Mill Creek Reservoir Board’s Handling of Lake – June 18, 2021

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