Historian researches child’s grave found in woods near Lucky

For weeks, local historian Brad Dison has been researching a lone grave found in the woods between Friendship and Lucky. 

Dison said, “After I posted a video of my research about another grave site, several people contacted me and asked if I knew about a grave in the woods near Lucky.  I was unaware of the grave and decided to see what I could learn about the person buried there.  This turned out to be one of the most difficult people I’ve ever researched because there were no records, nothing except a single headstone, to show that she existed at all.”

Based on clues written on the headstone, Dison was able to determine who her family was, when they came to Bienville Parish, and why she was buried in what is now a wooded area. 

Dison said, “The reason for my research is to rediscover a part of our local history which otherwise might have been lost, to make people aware that there is a grave in that location so it can be better protected, and to make my research readily available.” 

You can watch Dison’s YouTube attached to this article.

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